The Eu-SPRI Early Career Researcher Conference (ECC) “Public R&D funding and evaluation: Methods, Trends and Changes” will take place in Rome on 26-27-28 September 2018, and is organised by the IRCRES CNR - Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth of the National Research Council of Italy.


Target of the Conference

The Conference aims at involving up to 30 participants working in the fields of Higher Education, Research Policy and Innovation studies.

The Conference aims at involving primarily:

  • doctoral students in the last year of their programme
  • post-doctoral researchers
  • research assistants having obtained the PhD within 5 years

Ten PhD students at the first stage of their programme presenting their PhD work as poster can also be accepted if the work is directly related to the Conference theme. 

Priority will be given to postdoctoral researchers and to applicants from Eu-SPRI members’ organizations.

Participants from different social science areas are welcome (sociology, economics, political sciences, public policy, organization studies and innovation studies). Participants from other fields, such as natural sciences and life sciences, are also welcome.


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